Like it or not, the holidays are upon us. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and then Christmas. And life is not getting any slower. Your employer is having a Christmas party in December. Your kids are having Christmas plays and Christmas parties at school. Sports seasons are wrapping up such as basketball and hockey, but there are still games to attend and snacks to bring. And on top of it all, your car needs new brakes, your dog stepped on a nail, and your son is home sick from school. And it’s your turn to host Thanksgiving dinner at your house and Christmas brunch. When is there time to clean?

Integrity First Professional Services offers residential cleaning services. Whether you’re seeking a deep cleaning of your home or a one-time clean, our professional cleaning staff will be happy to lend you a hand. Contact us today!


  • Focus on the areas your guests will frequent. Rather than attempt to clean your whole house from top to bottom, focus on the areas your guests will be mingling such as the kitchen, living room, and guest bathroom. The bedrooms of your house can suffice with just a brief decluttering of objects on the floor. And making your bed will go a long way towards making your bedroom look clean!
  • Declutter. The more clutter and objects lying around your house (shoes left out, jackets on chairs, cat bowls in the hallway, an unkempt toy box, etc), the more your home will look dirty. Pick up all items on the floor and stow away out of sight of your guests.
  • The kitchen. We can apply the declutter principle here as well — the fewer kitchen items left on the countertops (bread, toaster, coffee pot and coffee, can opener, etc) the more your kitchen will look clean. Make sure all your dishes are done before guests arrive and all unused appliances are put away.
  • The living space. Here, you want to focus on making the place where your guests will congregate comfortable. Put out magazines or coffee table books. Free up places on your tables for drinks to be set down. Have nothing on the floor, and make your chairs inviting with a throw pillow.
  • The entryway. First impressions matter. Here is the space to focus your house cleaning efforts. Sweep and mop the floor, and have the coat closet decluttered and ready to receive jackets to hang up. Wash the mirrors, and dust the chandelier and lights.
  • Light candles. Ambiance is important. Light scented candles or use diffusers with relaxing and inviting smells to make your guests feel at ease.

The holiday season is a busy time. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, let a professional residential cleaning service take house cleaning off your plate. We take pride is going above and beyond expectations and having your home looking shiny and fresh. We use eco-friendly cleaning products to keep your home environmentally sound. Contact us today for a free estimate!